Connecting you with causes in need.

Connecting you with
causes in need.

It’s a simple concept with a big mission to transform charitable giving for nonprofits, businesses, and individual givers.

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Toys for Service Dogs
Puppy Jake Foundation

Real People. Real Stories.
Real Nonprofits.

Music Lessons for Underserved Students
City Voices
Food Safety Totes for Food Rescue
Eat Greater Des Moines

This is why we created Given. They fuel us to develop better technology with a mission to serve and promote positive change. Given allows nonprofits to connect with new donors, share updates with followers, and raise money for specific projects and needs.


Given for Businesses

Businesses with big hearts empower their teams and community. From sharing virtual giving cards, to easily matching gifts at any level desired, Given helps promote a culture of generosity and caring.

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Given App Preview of UI Showing an Example Need PostGiven App UI Preview of Donating to Example Need

Given for Individuals

Powered by our GivingAI™ artificial intelligence, we connect you with new opportunities that fit your interests and create a one-of-a kind experience by sharing metrics and photos that show the impact made with your donation.

Given App UI Preview of Donating to Example Need
Kris Kunze
“Given is exactly what philanthropists and charities need to get connected."
Kris Kunze
Founder & Managing Principal
KCL Engineering
Johnathan Swanson
“Given checks a couple boxes by allowing us to live and demonstrate our values with our staff."
Jonathan Swanson
Private Wealth Advisor
The Swanson Group
Erin Rollenhagen
“When I saw the app for the first time, I immediately wanted to ask how my company could be part of it."
Erin Rollenhagen
Founder & CEO
Entrepreneurial Technologies